Key Features That Your New Jogging Stroller Should Have


For parents that are looking for a way to get back into shape and lose some of the weight gained from their pregnancy, getting a running stroller is a fun way to achieve this goal. They are an extremely effective way to get a healthy aerobic workout in while also being able to the take the kids with you and give them a little bit of outdoor fun as well. But what should you look for when shopping for a new running stroller? Below are some of the more important aspects of a stroller that you should key on for a quality choice.

Important Factors For Your New Stroller

When shopping for a new jogger it is easy to feel overwhelmed at first with all of the available options out there. It can be a lot easier, though, once you know what to look for. According to the folks at there are a few things to pay attention to while you check out various reviews looking for the best model to fit your needs and budget.


You will not only be pushing your little ones around, but you will also have to contend with the weight of the stroller itself. You do not want to be lumbering around trying to maneuver an overly heavy piece of equipment. The weight of the stroller will also come into play when are trying to get in and out of your vehicle and when you are trying to store it. A light weight design will be most preferable.


What kind of suspension does the running stroller have? A well cushioned ride not only makes the rider happier, but it will also be easier to steer and move. The higher quality models come with their own suspension that can absorb various bumps and off road terrain. This can be crucial for those who want to get out of the city and off of the pavement.


Bigger wheels that are filled with air will typically be able to handle rougher terrain a lot better and let you stay in control when the footing gets a little sketchy. It is similar to buying an off road vehicle. The bigger wheels with dedicated tread will give you a more stable experience. This ultimately makes running with the stroller a lot more safe.

An adjustable front wheel that you can lock in place is also another feature to look for. A locked front wheel makes it easier to keep the stroller in a straight line when running at faster speeds. This is an important factor for safety and stability as well.


Durable, easy to clean materials are also important things to look into. Jogging strollers will inevitably get dirty, so you want something that can handle some abuse while also being easy to clean. Some models come with materials that are also designed to keep the rider cool, something that your kids will really appreciate.


Having somewhere to put your diapers, bottles, water, sunscreen, phone, and mp3 player will prove to be a huge bonus. The top rated strollers have ample storage to make the outdoor adventure as hassle-free as possible for Mom or Dad.


Being able to stop the stroller when needed is an extremely important feature. Always consider getting a jogger with dedicated hand brakes that are located on the handlebar for quick and convenient braking.

Sun Shade

The sun is one thing that you should always be aware of and running outdoors will present a challenge for the little one’s sensitive skin. A lot of models come with an adjustable sun canopy that can protect the rider from the dangers of overexposure to the sun.

Top Rated Models

Luckily, there are numerous jogging strollers available that address all of the factors above. Makers such as Baby Trend, Baby Jogger, BOB, and Kolcraft all make supremely high end strollers that are made to provide the safety and comfort that you want in a jogging stroller. They can be on the expensive side, but the right stroller can make a world of difference to getting back into a healthier active lifestyle.

Help Finding The Right Convertible Car Seat


One of the first challenges that new parents face is the realization of just how expensive having a new child can be. There are a number of items that a newborn needs and one of the most important is a car seat. Shopping for one of these safety seats can be an immense undertaking, so we thought we would try to help make this process a little easier by reviewing one of our favorite convertible car seats. There are plenty of models out there for all types of budgets and the Britax Marathon falls somewhere in the middle. We have used this seat for our own children so it is something that we can confidently recommend. Here are just some of the highlights that new or expecting parents may be interested in.

Why This Seat?

The Britax Marathon is perhaps one of the best options for both parents and children as far as comfort and safety are concerned. If you are in the market for the best convertible car seat under $250 then this may be just what you are looking for. With a wide range of safety and comfort features, this model is hit with both parents and kids.. The energy absorbing Versa-Tether this car seat is equipped with makes any impact less powerful and reduces any tendency to move forward during collisions. With the integrated steel bars, kids will be properly supported during rides, also preventing the chair from moving from one side to another. It is built to protect and to provide an enjoyable ride.

Car Seat Features

Simple Installation Process – With the premium lower latch connectors, it can be successfully installed to your back seat in minutes. If necessary, the car seat can be easily uninstalled through the push-button system, which will help you save a lot of time if you are in a hurry.

Safety Features – This seat is designed with several safety features, providing the best possible protection for the unexpected. The Harness Ultra Guard System aims to provide resistance to forward movement in case of a car accident, preventing your child from suffering an impact with the seats in front of him. The Versa-Tether foam can absorb energy that shows up as a result of a car accident. The EPP foam features in the side impact protection system can distribute crash forces evenly, preventing injuries and shielding your wee one from vehicle intrusions.

Adjustable Height – For most customers, easily adjusting the seat is an important feature that can allow the car seat to grow along with their child. It comes with several adjustable height positions, so that you can keep your child comfortable in their first few years. There are also two buckle positions, so it can accommodate children of any age or size, allowing them to feel more comfortable.

Enhanced Comfort – The high-density foam cushioning of this Britax Marathon car seat offers enhanced comfort that will definitely make your child enjoy car rides more than ever before. The infant body pillow is ideal for both infants and bigger children, and you might even find your little one sleeping comfortably during the car ride.


This model has been a big hit with a lot of parents. Some of the aspects of this child safety seat that owners really rave about include;

Comfortable Materials – Owners really love this about their Marathon G4.1. You not only want a car seat to protect your children but you also want something that they will enjoy riding in, and this unit really seems to deliver with comfortable cushion material. The seat is nicely padded, and the velcro can prevent the buckles from getting under your child’s torso successfully.

Excellent Security – This is probably the most important aspect of any child car seat and owners really like how this model performs. It comes along with enhanced security features that can keep this car seat into place without moving around the interior of your car. There are a few customer reviews that reference how well this unit performed in an actual crash and how thankful that they were to have been using this car seat.

Good Dimensions – Moreover, this car seat has good dimensions that can basically fit any car. Users tended to find that this model was great in small, medium or large vehicles and found this model very easy to install and adjust.

Easy Installation – Parents for the most part did not have too much trouble installing, removing or moving their seat in and out of their vehicles.


Confusing User Manual – Even though the installation process is basically simple, customers have had problems with the user manual, which was rather complicated and confusing.

Durability – For the most part owners are satisfied with this car seat’s performance, but there were some users that were not happy with the overall durability of this model.

For those wanting the top of the line car seat that both protects their children and provides them with a comfortable ride, then you really can’t go wrong with the Britax Marathon. Some serious engineering has gone into this product to ensure the maximum amount of safety for just about any situation. Parents who have purchased this model rave about it and it constantly receives some of the highest customer ratings and recommendation rates. This is definitely a top choice among owners.

Although there have been a few recalls of Britax convertible seats, we still trust this company and love to use there seats. We have no reservations about recommending their products but if it makes you uneasy there are other reputable makers out there to choose from. As always, reading the manual on any type of car seat you purchase is vital as an improperly used seat presents its own set of dangers to your child. Stay healthy, stay safe and keep your eyes on the road.

Keeping Your Children Safe In Your Garage


To your son, it is a place to store his sports gear. To your daughter, it is a place to park her cycle. To you, it may be a place to store anything and everything- from motor oil and garden tools to your family car. Your garage means different things to different members in your family. It has become one of the most active and functional rooms in any house. Because it is arduous to keep kids away from it, therefore every parent must make a safe environment for their kids at home. Here are some tips to mitigate any threats posed to kids in your garage.

Hazardous Substances

Gasoline, store matches, charcoal lighter fluid, oil, wind shield wiper fluid, and antifreeze must be kept beyond the child’s reach and sight in a locked closet. Antifreeze may contain a toxic chemical known as, ethylene glycol that is hazardous to pets and children. Parents must dilute any such spills by hosting them off. Oils too can become a slippery hazard. Therefore you must keep some absorbent products to help in its proper disposal and clean up.

Garage Door Openers

Did you know that garage doors can kill or injure a child if they come down on it? Well, parents should exercise extra caution and make sure that the garage door is in proper working condition. Children must also be kept away from the moving parts of the door to fend off any pinching of hands or crushing. The opener switch must be installed high enough so that your kids hands cannot reach it. You must also ensure the sensitivity of the door opener by placing a 2.5 inch wooden block in it’s path on the ground. If the garage door doesn’t change its direction and move up, then don’t use the opener. You can open and close it manually. You must know how to disengage it in case of any emergency.

Protection From Vehicles

You must make sure that your child doesn’t stand behind your running vehicle. Also do not leave the car keys inside the vehicle. This will prevent your child from accidentally starting the vehicle in a closed garage. You must also lock the trunk of your vehicle and all the doors, so that children cannot climb into it and become trapped. Also make sure that the motorbikes are secured so that they do not tip on your child.

Protection From Lawn Tool Equipment

The lawn power tools must be properly locked. These equipment should be stored in a way that they do not fall on your child. All the sharp edged and pointed tools must be kept out of the reach of your children. High hanging hooks can help keep a shovel or rack from turning into a falling hazard. Even buckets can be unsafe. Whether you are using them to wash off the car or the patio or to clean screens, you should avoid keeping them around. Disconnect all power tools when not in use.

Electric Wires

Exposed electric wires in your garage can be hazardous for your children. When your child accidentally comes in contact with these live electric wires, it can electrocute or even kill your child. Therefore you must regularly check for any exposed cables or wires. Also ensure that your garage is not rat infested since they can eat up the wires and leave them out in the open. This in turn may invite disaster.

Install Alarms

You can install simple alarms on the garage door that will sound when the door is opened or if it is left open for a few seconds. This is a very effective control of the garage door to alert you.

Food Storage

You should lock your freezers so that the children cannot climb into them and get trapped. Also empty all the melted ice water out of the coolers. It barely takes one inch of water for a child to drown.  Something little like this is easy to overlook, but that added extra step may be the difference.

Every parent has to go through the drill of child proofing the house, especially when their children reach an age where they are grooving and moving to their own beat. We all make sure that our children our safe while riding in their car seats inside of the car, but the place where a lot of us park those cars can be almost as dangerous.  A few minutes of prevention can go along ways to help keeping everyone in the family healthy and safe.  For some more tips check out this short video below produced by the Cleveland Clinic.