Key Features That Your New Jogging Stroller Should Have


For parents that are looking for a way to get back into shape and lose some of the weight gained from their pregnancy, getting a running stroller is a fun way to achieve this goal. They are an extremely effective way to get a healthy aerobic workout in while also being able to the take the kids with you and give them a little bit of outdoor fun as well. But what should you look for when shopping for a new running stroller? Below are some of the more important aspects of a stroller that you should key on for a quality choice.

Important Factors For Your New Stroller

When shopping for a new jogger it is easy to feel overwhelmed at first with all of the available options out there. It can be a lot easier, though, once you know what to look for. According to the folks at there are a few things to pay attention to while you check out various reviews looking for the best model to fit your needs and budget.


You will not only be pushing your little ones around, but you will also have to contend with the weight of the stroller itself. You do not want to be lumbering around trying to maneuver an overly heavy piece of equipment. The weight of the stroller will also come into play when are trying to get in and out of your vehicle and when you are trying to store it. A light weight design will be most preferable.


What kind of suspension does the running stroller have? A well cushioned ride not only makes the rider happier, but it will also be easier to steer and move. The higher quality models come with their own suspension that can absorb various bumps and off road terrain. This can be crucial for those who want to get out of the city and off of the pavement.


Bigger wheels that are filled with air will typically be able to handle rougher terrain a lot better and let you stay in control when the footing gets a little sketchy. It is similar to buying an off road vehicle. The bigger wheels with dedicated tread will give you a more stable experience. This ultimately makes running with the stroller a lot more safe.

An adjustable front wheel that you can lock in place is also another feature to look for. A locked front wheel makes it easier to keep the stroller in a straight line when running at faster speeds. This is an important factor for safety and stability as well.


Durable, easy to clean materials are also important things to look into. Jogging strollers will inevitably get dirty, so you want something that can handle some abuse while also being easy to clean. Some models come with materials that are also designed to keep the rider cool, something that your kids will really appreciate.


Having somewhere to put your diapers, bottles, water, sunscreen, phone, and mp3 player will prove to be a huge bonus. The top rated strollers have ample storage to make the outdoor adventure as hassle-free as possible for Mom or Dad.


Being able to stop the stroller when needed is an extremely important feature. Always consider getting a jogger with dedicated hand brakes that are located on the handlebar for quick and convenient braking.

Sun Shade

The sun is one thing that you should always be aware of and running outdoors will present a challenge for the little one’s sensitive skin. A lot of models come with an adjustable sun canopy that can protect the rider from the dangers of overexposure to the sun.

Top Rated Models

Luckily, there are numerous jogging strollers available that address all of the factors above. Makers such as Baby Trend, Baby Jogger, BOB, and Kolcraft all make supremely high end strollers that are made to provide the safety and comfort that you want in a jogging stroller. They can be on the expensive side, but the right stroller can make a world of difference to getting back into a healthier active lifestyle.